TS Quick Freezing System

Can original flavor be preserved in frozen food? Generally, when you freeze something, its cells are destroyed resulting in significantly reduced texture and flavor. 

After repeated testing by the academia to preserve flavor, color and aroma, researches show quick freezing in very-low temperature at –60°C freezes the food before cells are destroyed. 

TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing rapidly quick-freezes everything as if the time has stopped, preserving the quality of fresh produce without destroying its cells even after thawing. 

The biggest advantage is that this solves the problems – significantly reduced flavor, aroma, color when compared to fresh produce – of previous frozen food.

◎ Why quick freeze?

SeilUfreezer’s TS Quick Freezing minimizes moisture permeation in the subject when producing frozen food, significantly reducing the amount of dripping when thawing. 

To ensure similar quality to a fresh produce, quick freezing is necessary.

◎ Comparing existing quick freezing and TS Quick Freezing System 

  TS Quick Freezing product test