Smartphone Cooling Separator (-150℃)

The display and the body in latest smartphones are generally glued together. Cooling separators are used to separate the display and the body for repairs and maintenance. 

By placing broken or edge display phones on the cooling panel and subjecting it to extremely-low temperatures of –140℃, this device reduces the resistance of the glue to 0 so that the display and the panel can be separated easily. 

Generally, two types of technologies are used to reach –140℃; electricity-powered or liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen can be dangerous in enclosed spaces, not to mention its container being cumbersome and heavy. 

On the other hand, the Smartphone Cooling Separator only require 220V power supply (circuit breaker should be 30A) to reach the desired temperature within 1 or 2 hours, making it very easy to use. Free product warranty for a year and reasonable repair fees even after the year is up allows peace of mind. 

Bezel and glass can be easily removed from LCD panel through simple manipulation. Additionally, the quick freeze technology ensures that there is no danger of water damage to the backlight. It is most effective for separating displays in large numbers or for edge display devices.

  Smartphone Cooling Separator product specification, advantages and after-sales support
◎ Product specification
Applicable temperature
-115 ~ -145℃
Power supply
220V 60hz (Recommend independent power supply)
Recommended operation
Maximum of 3 ~ 4 units
External size
950 X 700 X 1050 (W x D x H)
Cooling panel size
450 X 350 (adjustable)

※  Ambient temperature should be lower than 25℃ to ensure efficient operation.

◎ Advantages

Maintaining temperatures between –115~-145℃, only require 15 seconds to easily separate the display

◎ After-sales support

Can be manufactured by SeilUfreezer (Made in Korea), can be made to order with domestic means.
After-sales support period : Free product warranty for 1 year from completed installation

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