Cryogenic chamber

The core of food distribution is a cryogenic storage! SeilUfreezer’s products are different. 

We have the capability to manufacture various products, from a very-low temperature refrigeration storage to store tuna, expensive fish and other 

food to an environmental chamber that can accurately mimic the high temperatures of Dubai and extreme temperatures in the North and South Pole.

◎ Characteristics of a very-low temperature storage chamber

SeilUfreezer’s Smart Twin System Cryogenic Chamber is different from the existing twin refrigeration storage in that even if one of the compressors stop working, the other compressor is able to keep the temperature low through the smart twin system. 

The Smart Twin System uses a single-stage compression method where each compressor has its own cold air supply line. 

Two compressors keep the temperature between –50~60℃, while one compressor, in case of a breakdown of the other compressor, can maintain temperatures between –40~45℃. 

You can repair the faulty compressor without moving the frozen goods.

◎ Cryogenic chamber, environmental chamber 

SeilUfreezer has experience in building a large-scale –110℃ cryogenic chamber. These are made to order and available upon request.

  Cryogenic chamber tuna storage

  -120℃ cryogenic chamber, rubber disintegration installation

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Refrigerator Manufacturing License Number 2010450010-16-05-00002
Tel. + 82-41-754-0630 | Fax. 041.754.0632 | jynkorea@naver.com | Biz License : 739-88-01046
CEO : JUNG JUN YOUNG | SEILUFREEZER | Chungcheongnam-do Geumsan-gun Chubu-myeon Maeumdong-gil 10

International Sales 

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