Established in 1999, SeilUfreezer has accumulated abundance of experience and technology in cryogenic devices and has business in both the domestic and international market.

Challenging the limits of very- and extremely-low temperature technology

SeilUfreezer implemented single-stage refrigeration system in ultra-low, cryogenic temperature technology for the first time in the world in early 2000s.

Based on numerous research projects including industry-university research partnership with KAIST, we have created unrivaled very- and extremely-low temperature technology. 

Not only concentrating on the temperature, we have invested countless hours and effort in product safety.

This resulted in the birth of a stable refrigeration technology without fear of frequent breakdowns in the Korean climate, which has four distinct seasons. 

Even during the hot summer, failures are very rare. With such technological prowess as the backdrop, we have entered the South-East Asian market including the Philippines and Vietnam, a prelude for a leap to the global stage.

  High-priced devices used in laboratories and semiconductor manufacturing – now available for food processing

SeilUfreezer’s quick freeze devices employ refrigeration technology employed in semiconductor factory lines, requiring high degrees of precision and stability.

In addition, by utilizing temperatures between –60℃ to –70℃ often used in quick freezing vaccine, cells or blood we have opened new possibilities for high quality frozen food.

SeilUfreezer CEO Jung Jun Young

SeilUfreezer will continue striving for excellence in sustained research & development and after-sales support, based on superior performance and stability.


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Refrigerator Manufacturing License Number 2010450010-16-05-00002
Tel. + 82-41-754-0630 | Fax. 041.754.0632 | jynkorea@naver.com | Biz License : 739-88-01046
CEO : JUNG JUN YOUNG | SEILUFREEZER | Chungcheongnam-do Geumsan-gun Chubu-myeon Maeumdong-gil 10

International Sales 

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